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Program Manager – CFO – Transformation Lead

I am a modern CFO with experience in fast growth, and sudden decline. I have implemented ERPs more than once, was involved as a co-founder in several initiatives, have worked with Private Equity and think that cyber security is both interesting and very important. Business economist, trained as a tax specialist, then gained experience as group treasurer and controller. Over the last 10 years in sr management (C-level) positions where I worked on finance transformation, growth and process optimizations.

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Richard Veffer

A few terms with which I would describe myself

Can do mentaliteit

Details are important, but sticking to it is a pitfall. I prefer: Fail fast, Learn, Move on!


I love complex problems and like to deliver simple solutions

Love Technology

Technology delivers a large part of the value chain. So secure, user-friendly systems are a must

Scalability in everything

Tomorrow is a different world. Systems, processes and organisations need to adapt quickly

Eye for detail

It's easy to get ahead of yourself. Understanding the details and backgrounds is often very important

Value thinking

Everything costs money, and that's fine. But ultimately it's about the value that is created

A few examples
Some projects

Trained as a business economist at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and graduated as a Tax specialist. My experience ranges from Tax Consultant through Treasurer and Controller to CFO and Founder of Companies. Over the last couple of years, I also added understanding of Cloud architectures and Cyber security to my experience.

I have done several ERP projects, succesfully completed a Turn-around of a building and construction company, was involved in IPOs, lead programs to increase Cyber Security awareness and initiated programs around Digital Transformation. I have earned millions of Euros as Head of Tax with smart international structures to save import duties and know how to manage a low, but reasonable effective tax rate for multinational groups. As Treasurer I have bought invaluable time with smart foreign exchange risk managing structures and saved a lot of money with tough but fair negotiations with banks around new or renewed working capital and other bank facilities.

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